What is Usher?

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Usher is a revolutionary digital identity product built on the MicroStrategy platform. It provides secure logical and physical access and enhances enterprise productivity by replacing passwords, tokens, and physical IDs with secure mobile identity badges. Take a tour of the Usher Virtual Lab using a test badge and experience firsthand how Usher streamlines enterprise access and authentication.

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Fill out the information below to receive and install a badge on your smartphone*. Instructions for installing the app and configuring your badge will be sent to you via email.


*Android or iOS smart devices only

Install the Usher app and add your badge


We've sent you an email with links to the Usher app and your individual access badge. Open this email from your smartphone and follow the directions provided to install the Usher app.


Once the Usher app is installed, link your individual badge to the app by tapping on the the "get my badge" link in the email.

Now that you have your badge ready, keep the app open and your smartphone ready to experience all the features of Usher from this website. Click the link below to get started.

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